About Us

About Us

MAYAMED is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in medical area with a wide range of products offering high quality. Our company is an owner-managed company with headquarters in Istanbul, Türkiye and has been developing, manufacturing and supplying protective medical clothing and related products for the best level of occupational safety for people around the world in medical area with the brand name “MAYAMED”.

MAYAMED continues to serve the Turkish and the world health sector by developing the product portfolios in the field of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and by constantly improving this structure it can instantly respond to the demand of change in the market.

Being a manufacturer of personal protective equipment, we have been focused on creating safer and comfortable working area by keeping the quality of our products at high level.

Quality, Compliance, Conformity, Certification are the main targets of ours in the manufacturing and supply of our products to our local and international clients. We also follow the developments and improvements and needs in the field of safety, reflect the latest innovations to our products to have satisfactory quality without compromising ethical principles.

MAYAMED is a member of ALMAYA HOLDING that has several companies in its body from different fields of activity. Almaya Holding has another company named MHY ALM TEKSTIL that also supply medical products.

Maya Mahiye BAŞ

CEO, Owner

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