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29.07.2022 What is Nonwoven Fabric and What Are Its Properties?

Nonwoven, as the name suggests, is a fabric that is not obtained by weaving, knitting and sewing methods, but is formed by combining fibers with chemical adhesive (adhesive), mechanical or heat (cohesion) ways.

22.07.2022 Why Certificates Are Important in The Field of Medical Textile?

When it comes to doing business, it is important to know who you are doing business with has quality and reliability. So how can we be sure that our exchange partner is reliable?

22.07.2022 Our Medical Textile Products

In a previous reading, we have developed the most important certificates of our company.

04.07.2022 What is medical textile and who should be bought from?

The appearance of the SARS-COV-2 virus in Wuhan in 2019 has radically changed many things in the global economy as well as in the daily lives of individuals.

22.06.2022 What Are Disposable Gloves Best Disposable Gloves Models

Disposable gloves form a barrier between the materials you hold and your hands to protect your hands from dirt and bacteria.

25.05.2022 Best Emergency Blanket and Prices

Emergency blankets consist of two faces, the gold-faced side and the silver-faced side. It protects from heat, humidity and cold in case of a possible disaster and emergencies.

19.05.2022 Disposable & Reusable Surgical Gowns and Prices

In this article, you can get detailed information about Mayamed Medical surgical gowns.

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