Hyperbaric & Diving Chambers

Oxyvein Hyperbaric manufactures comfortable and safe Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Systems. As a medical device, in accordance with European Standards.

Hyperbaric & Diving Chambers
The Largest Manufacturer in Türkiye

Mayamed Medical is the largest manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment and medical devices in Türkiye; We are exporting to more than 50 countries all over the world with daily 1.000.000 production capacity.

Daily 1.000.000 Production Capacity
Largest Exporter of Medical Textile

Our company proudly holds the record of the largest amount of export in medical disposables up to date, and the largest single export; 87 Trucks manufactured and delivered in 2 weeks to the Ministry of Health, Germany.

Largest Exporter of Medical Textile
Largest Production Line and Factory

Our Manufacturing facility is 15000 m2 with over 2000 actively working professional personnel.

Largest Production Line and Factory
Contact Our Headquarters Directly

Our headquarters in İstanbul with over 20 operators speaking 37 languages. Contact us directly via email or whatsapp.

Contact Our Headquarters Directly

Largest Manufacturer In Türkiye

Worldwide Delivery Guaranteed

Registered in over 50 Countries

Operators Speaking over 30 languages

Mayamed Medical Manufacturing and Exporting

Mayamed Medical Manufacturing and Exporting Company is a medical textile production and export company with offices in Türkiye, Belgium, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mayamed Medical Textile, which operates in the fields of production and export in the medical textile sector with its 15 years of experience; It produces and exports medical products to the leading countries of Europe and various countries of the world, both to private companies and government institutions. Thanks to its large production capacity and using the latest technology production tools and quality textile materials; we are able to meet the demands in the production of wholesale medical textile products.

Our products

As the largest manufacturer in Türkiye, We have over 50 different products in over 30 Categories, To name a few: disposable face masks, disposable gowns, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, protective overalls, disposable caps, disposable gloves, uniforms and overalls and many more. By visiting the products page, you can see all the categories and products and access all the information of the products. If you need further details including the Technical Data Sheets, Please contact us Directly.


Our references include many government agencies such as the German Ministry of Health, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the French Ministry of Health, and the Italian Ministry of Health. You can review all of them by visiting our references page.

Our Quality Certificates

As the largest manufacturer in Türkiye we have received the highest amount of Certificates in Türkiye. You can find all of our companies and products certificates on the certificates page. 

Our Prize Winning Products

Highest grossing products winning awards for outstanding quality.


Some of our valuable business partners we work with.

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