Disposable Gown

Disposable gowns help protect patients and healthcare providers from exposure of bodily fluids and infection.Our disposable gown products are made of SS fabric and Non-sterile (upon request, also available as sterile). 

The gowns are closed by overlapping with side components with a drawstring at the waist and cuffs, blue color. It is designed to be adhesive and lace-up on the collars.

Surgical Gown

The surgical gowns we offer you as Mayamed Medical are produced from laminated SMS fabric. Our products are FDA approved. It is produced sterile, it can also be produced non-sterile upon request. The front is reinforced up to the shoulders. Production is made with or without cuffs, with adhesive or lace on the collars. You can review all surgical gowns on this page, read their details and product technical files.

Isolation Gown

Personal protective isolation gowns are designed to create a barrier to prevent and minimize infections which may be transmitted through fluid exchange. Resistant to liquids with its barrier feature. Resistant to moisture and bacterial penetration. Ultrasonic stitches prevent leakage from these areas.
Puncture, tear and abrasion resistant. Free from toxic substances. Lint and dust free. 

Washable Gown

The general features of the washable gowns we produce are as follows.
Made of 80% Polyester + 20% Cotton. It has antibacterial properties. Alcohol, blood and liquid proof. It can be produced with or without cuffs. There are tape lines on the seams. Ultrasonic seams are available on the sleeves. Neck adjustment with velcro neck closure, width adjustment waist straps are provided. It is produced on the basis of covering ability, flexibility and lightness.

You can view all our other washable medical products from the Washable category.

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