What is the protective coverall?

The protective coverall is a one-piece personal protective equipment designed to protect the user's entire body from hazardous dust, splashes of light liquid and flammable electrostatic discharges.

At Mayamed Medical, our protective coveralls are disposable and skin-friendly. As you can check on every product page, they carry globally accepted standards.

When to use a disposable protective coverall?

In general, coveralls are worn on underwear and offer protection in the areas of construction, restoration, mold control and other situations where there is a risk of contamination. Specifically, our products are intended for use in applications such as asbestos inspection, coal dust cleaning in power plants, metal polishing, light building cleaning, machine or vehicle maintenance, paint spraying, pharmaceuticals, general industrial cleaning, as well as in medical situations as they offer skin protection.

Wholesale prices of disposable and protective coveralls

As a Mayamed Medical manufacturing company, we are proud to offer you our range of products manufactured with the utmost care. Our range of combinations can be prepared as sterile or non-sterile according to customer requests.  Disposable coveralls, which can be produced from both SMS fabric and SS fabric, are offered with all the necessary certificates internationally and nationally.  Our Type 3-4 and Type 5-6 protective coveralls are suitable for healthcare and have passed numerous tests, including but not limited to AAMI PB 70-TEST, and comply with global regulations.

We are the largest manufacturer of medical coveralls in Turkey with a daily production capacity of more than 1,000,000 pieces. Our unmatched quality and speed of production is one of the reasons why our customers will stay with us for years to come.

For more information about all our products (price, MOQ and so on), you can contact us at You can use the offer form to get the best deal.

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